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Artificial Intelligence & Music

The Power of AI to Expand Consumer Engagement through Musical Fan Cultures

Hi Human Insight conducted original research in August 2022 to explore how AI-generated works, in the style of iconic musicians, would engage consumers. With so many brands trying to establish relevance with youth culture, expanding the musical library of icons among engaged fans could create new opportunities to ignite consumers’ passion across multiple life stages. Our research explored how listeners react to AI-generated music that endeavors to interpret and advance the signature sound of several world renowned artists. By analyzing widely available consumer sentiment as well as data from our independent research with Veritonic, we explored the delicate boundaries between art and technology and designed a framework for assessing how AI-generated music can achieve the aesthetic and commercial saliency that consumers expect from human musicians. Our findings have a broad impact on consumer engagement with brands that invest in associating with musical fan cultures and sonic branding.

Since the completion of our research, OpenAI has released ChatGPT and advanced voice cloning technologies have been deployed, accelerating creative applications within popular culture  such as Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, and the "Heart on my Sleeve" Drake/The Weeknd voice cloning single.

Artificial Intelligence has now taken center stage in recent artistic labor disputes, and the solutions under exploration are gravely important to future of artists, creativity and, indeed, humanity in our culture. While arts industries may focus on AI to accelerate the speed of creation and distribution, human artists need to retain copyright of their work and likenesses. And, as with most things, there are always challenges and opportunities. Artists may find that leaning into these AI technologies will help to evolve a new age of "Uniquity" - creating monetary value for unique versions of their art that can be sold for greater sums than renting to streaming platforms for fractional cents. 

Whatever happens next, technology will continue to evolve - and so will humans!
If this short introduction intrigues you, we invite you to explore the data below and read the full article published in Management Business Review (link below data):

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